Coronavirus Update

Our customers are our priority during the challenging times we’re all experiencing. Please only call us if it's urgent, so we can help our most vulnerable customers. Please bear with us, as our call waiting times are longer than usual. You can find our latest updates here

Frequently Asked Questions

Account Queries

Why can't I activate my account?

If you are confident that you haven’t missed any of the fields required then please contact our Customer Services Team by email or phone. Full details on how to make contact can be found here.

Why haven't I received a verification email?

In the majority of cases the reason for this is that the email service provider has not recognised our email address and mistaken our communication for junk or spam mail. Please check in your junk folder and if the email is there you will be able to return it to your inbox. To avoid missing important communications regarding your account we advise all customers to add to their approved contacts.

If the email isn't in your spam or junk folder please contact our Customer Services Team who will be able to work with you to fix the problem. Full details on how to make contact can be found here.

How do I login if I have forgotten my pin code or password?

Don’t worry, we know how many PIN codes and passwords we have to remember every day. If you forget your PIN code or password, we have a range of different ways for you to request a new one.


You can request a new password as follows:




Select the “I forgot my password” option on the login screen of our website and enter the email address you registered with us. Then click on “Reset password” and we will send a password reset email to your verified email address.

If you have not received the password reset email, please ensure that you have verified your registered email address with us. To verify your email address, please click on the link we emailed you when you started your registration with us.


You can request a new PIN by using the following options:




Text the words 'LOAN' and 'PIN' to 82777 by using the mobile number that you registered with us and we will send you a new code. Text messages will be charged at your standard network rate.


Telephone or Email


Please contact our Customer Services Team and they will be able to assist you.

Why can't I login to my account?

Both your login details, the telephone number and PIN code, or email address and password, must be entered correctly before you will be given access to your account. If you have forgotten your password or PIN code, please reset your password or request a PIN.


If access is being denied despite entering the correct details, please contact our Customer Services Team and they will be able to assist you.

How can I track the status of my application or account?

We have made this process as easy as possible to ensure you always have access to the current status of your application and account.




Login to access your account.


Telephone or Email


If you can’t find the information you want, then you can contact our Customer Services Team. Full details on how to make contact can be found here.

How do I update my details?

You can update your personal details by using the methods described below.




Login to your account and you can change some of your details directly.





Call us on 020 3006 2000 and speak directly to one of our Customer Services Representatives.

Application Process

What information do I need to provide?

To help us ensure the loan you are requesting is right for you, we will need to know details regarding your income, expenditure and bank account. It is important that the information you provide to us is complete and accurate as we use this information to assess your application. Please make sure you have any documentation you might need before starting the application.

Do you need any supporting documentation?

In some circumstances, it may be necessary for us to request documents to support your application, such as bank statements or proof of address. We will tell you if we need these from you during the application process.

Why can't I complete the application process?

If there is any information missing from an application, it won’t be possible to complete the process electronically. If you are confident that you haven’t missed any of the fields required then please contact our Customer Services Team via email or phone. Full details on how to make contact can be found here.

How do I send my supporting documents?

We want to offer the best possible service and, as such, it’s important to us to process your documents quickly and efficiently. Please ensure that you follow our instructions to help you submit your documents correctly first time around.


Please ensure that:

  • Images are not cropped
  • All corners are visible
  • Images are high resolution
  • Images are not blurry and are easy to read


You don’t need any special equipment in order to send this information to us, but we recommend that you check that you’re using a high-quality photo setting on your camera or phone.


You can email your documents to

Why have I been asked to send supporting documents?

In order to lend responsibly, sometimes we ask some of our customers to provide extra documents to support their application, such as bank statements, a copy of your debit card, ID or a proof of your address. We do this to check things such as identity or income information before lending. We ask these customers to send documents including 30 days’ worth of bank statements and/or the front view of their bank card.

How do I get hold of my bank statements?

Most high street banks offer online banking, with downloadable .XPS or .PDF bank statements generally accessible at the touch of a button. Your bank should be able to help you if you are unsure of how to download the information.


Should you not have online banking or internet access, however, your bank should be able to give you a paper copy of your bank statements, and this is free of charge at most high street banks. You can then scan or photograph your paper bank statements and send them to us at


Please ensure that the bank statements you send us include the most up to date 30 days’ worth of transactions.

What is the pin code or password used for?

The PIN code or password provide additional security to your account and are inputted as the final step of the application process. Once your application has been approved the PIN code or password is used to log in to your account.


As we are upgrading our platform, going forward, all customer authentication will be email address and password based. Thus, if you have registered by using your email address, you would not receive a PIN code.


How can I make a complaint?

We always want to give our customers the best possible service and if you are dissatisfied with any of our products or services please allow us to rectify that by contacting us using any of the methods listed on our contact page. If you are still dissatisfied, please visit our complaints page if you wish to escalate the issue.

Is your complaints service affected by Coronavirus?

We are operating a reduced service currently because we believe it is critical to do our part to help reduce the transmission of the Coronavirus. We naturally expect slight delays in acknowledging your complaint or responding to your general query at this time, but we are doing everything we can to minimise any impact on our customers. If you require immediate assistance you can contact our customer service team on 020 3006 2000.

Will I still receive a final response within 8 weeks during Coronavirus?

Yes. At this time MYJAR does not foresee it taking more than 8 weeks to provide a response to your complaint. If this changes, we will write to you at 8 weeks and ask for more time. You will still have your FOS rights, which we will mention in the 8 week letter.  Please bear with us as our call waiting times are longer than usual and only contact us if it is completely necessary. This will allow our complaints team more time and resources to investigate your complaint and send you a final response.

Will my redress payment still be processed during Coronavirus?

MYJAR remains committed to actioning complaint outcomes. We aim to complete the processing of any agreed redress payment within 15 working days of receipt of your settlement form. If we do experience any delays, we will update our FAQs and email communications so that you are fully informed. We are doing everything we can to minimise any impact on our customers, so please be patient and only contact us if absolutely necessary.  This will allow our complaints team to process your payment sooner. If you require immediate assistance, you can contact our customer service team on 020 3006 2000.


How is the MYJAR service impacted by Coronavirus?

Due to the Coronavirus isolation period, we may have to operate a reduced telephone service, whilst we manage anticipated reduced staff levels. However, our customer service team will also be available for any assistance by emailing  Thank you for your understanding and patience whilst our customer service team work to support you the best we can.

How can I make a payment or update my card details?

Our customer self-service options will be available and you can log in to your account at any time at to make a payment or update your card details. Our customer service team can still take payments from your registered card, but they are unable to add any new card details whilst they are working from home. Protecting your personal data is important to us, so please do not share or provide your card details over the telephone or in an email. Please email us at if you have any difficulties logging into your account or accessing our online self-service options, we can provide you bank account information, so that you can make a payment directly into our account.

My health or income has been impacted by Coronavirus so can you freeze my repayments?

If you are facing financial or health difficulties, related to Coronavirus,  you can email us at, or call us on 0203 006 2000 and we will assist you during this difficult time.  We will ask questions to assess your situation so that we can offer the best solution that suits your needs. Otherwise, your loan repayments or any other repayment we have agreed with you will continue to be collected as normal.

I am over 70 or have been told by the NHS to self-isolate for 3 months, what should I do?

If you are over 70 or have been told by the NHS to self-isolate for 3 months, please contact us immediately, so that we can assist you during this difficult time.  You can email us at, or call us on 0203 006 2000.

How do I get up to date information from you if things change?

We will be updating our website when anything changes, so please check our website and Coronavirus FAQs.

I have a question that has not been answered on your Coronavirus FAQs.

We are sorry to hear that we have not been able to answer your question. Our customer service team will be available for any assistance by emailing Thank you for your understanding and patience whilst our customer service team work to support you the best we can.

How has Coronavirus impacted MYJAR?

Our customers and our employees are our priority, and your well-being is at the heart of every decision we make. At this unprecedented time, it is critical that we do our part to help reduce the transmission of Coronavirus and so we have arranged for our staff to work from home so that we can continue to provide our very best customer service to you. Thank you for your understanding and patience whilst our customer service team work to support you the best we can.

If I cannot make my loan payments due to Coronavirus, how will this impact my credit file?

We will not report negative information to the credit reference agencies during an agreed "Coronavirus related" payment deferral period. A payment deferral period can be set up if Coronavirus has negatively impacted your ability to make MYJAR loan payments. Credit files will continue to be updated otherwise.

If I have a MYJAR loan can I get a payment deferral?

Yes. Please contact us on 0203 006 2000 or, and our customer services team will be available to discuss the best option for you.

Financial Advice

Is a MYJAR loan the right choice for me?

This is entirely dependent on your individual situation. It is important you choose the right loan for you. Our loans are short-term loans, and therefore should not be used as a long-term financial situation.


If you are experiencing financial difficulty, any type of credit is likely to be unsuitable. However, if you are confident that you will be able to comfortably repay when payments are due then one of our loans may suit your needs.

Will a poor credit score be a problem?

A credit score is calculated by analysing many details about an individual like their income, their financial history and how much credit they have. This gives lenders an indication of how much of a risk it will be to approve a loan. The information used to calculate the score comes from many sources including details from the customer, banks and credit companies.


The credit scoring system allocates points for each piece of relevant information and uses these to produce a score. This score then helps lenders to decide whether to lend and if so, how much. Each lender uses these scores differently, which means that being declined for a loan from one organisation does not mean you will automatically be refused by another company. We take other factors into account before making a decision as we are aware that a poor credit history does not provide the full picture.


Our loans are short-term and because of this we are able to accept applications from anyone who has a regular income regardless of their credit score, although this does not ensure that we will approve you for a loan. It is important that we are confident you are able to pay back on time and you can afford the repayments.

What happens if my application is declined?

If we are unable to approve your loan application, we will notify you by email to tell you. Our decision is based on a combination of the information you provided to us, as well as information received from a credit reference agency TransUnion. In our email, we will also let you know when we are able to review your application again.


If your loan has been declined and you wish to ask us to reconsider our decision, then please write to us at the following address with as much information regarding the grounds for your appeal as you can:


MYJAR, Unit 22426, Po Box 7169, Poole, BH15 9EL


Will late repayments affect my credit score with you?

Yes. Late repayment of any loan will damage your credit score. The impact will depend on the frequency and length of delayed payments. If your loan remains unpaid, we may register a default against you at a credit reference agency but if we do so, we will give you notice that this is what we plan to do. A default registered on your credit file is likely to have a significant impact on your ability to get future credit.

Is credit scoring fair?

The way in which credit scores are calculated is impartial and consistently applied to each customer in the same way. We have an obligation to engage in responsible lending and, therefore, using credit scoring as one of our tools is essential for the good of both our customers and our company.

What happens if I experience financial difficulties?

We understand the stress that can be caused by financial difficulties. If you let us know that you are struggling, we will always try to help you by allowing you additional time to pay.


Although we are not authorised or regulated to provide debt advice, we support the work of the leading free debt advice agencies. They each have specially trained staff to help people with money problems and their success rate in finding good solutions is very high.


We work closely with Payplan, one of the leading providers of free debt help. You can also get free independent debt help from National Debtline, Christians Against Poverty and Stepchange Debt Charity. You can also find details of your nearest Citizens Advice office.


We will always work with these agencies to find the best outcome for you. National Debtline have produced an advice sheet that you might find useful and it can be found at Payday loans fact sheet.


You might also be eligible for benefits that you are not claiming. You can visit the Government’s benefits calculator page at which gives very helpful advice.

How do I put you in touch with the debt management company I'm working with?

If you are currently working with a debt management company, please ask them to contact us in writing with their authorisation to act on your behalf. They can contact us via email at or fax the documents to 0203 004 0991. Once we receive the appropriate documentation, we will contact them directly.

What does it mean if you send my account for debt collection?

If we send an account for debt collection, this means that we are asking a professional company to collect the loan on our behalf. Using debt collection agencies is always a last resort and only used if we have had no contact from a customer who has not repaid their loan. We only use agencies that are members of the Credit Services Association. This indicates that they set high professional standards that all of their members must meet.


These agents will aim to work with our customers to help them set up repayment arrangements that they can afford. However, if customers do not work with us or our agents to pay their loans, it may leave us with no choice other than to go to Court. This is never what we want to do and we will always avoid that if we can.

Where can I get help with my debts?

As responsible lenders we work with a number of impartial debt advisory services. If you want to be more confident with your money and have greater control, a budget plan can be invaluable. The Government’s Money Advice Service has all sorts of useful information about managing your money. You can find a budget planner here and there are links to all sorts of money saving tips and advice.

What is a default notice?

When a loan is not paid back on time, lenders have a responsibility to record this with a credit reference agency. Before we register a default against you, we will contact you to give you notice of our intention of doing so. This will give you time to make the missed payments or to agree a repayment plan with us. If you are in financial difficulty, we will always try to help you if you ask us to.


If a default is registered against you it will make it more difficult for you to obtain credit in the future.

Where can I get help to create a personal budget plan?

The Government’s Money Advice Service has useful information regarding all aspects of managing your money. You can find a budget planner here and there are many other money saving tools and advice. Having a clear budget plan will make you more confident with your money and will result in you having greater control. We would recommend taking some time to visit The Money Advice Service if you ever experience any difficulty.

General Queries

How can I apply for a loan?

New customers


New customers can apply at any time by completing the online application form which you can access by clicking 'Get Started'. The form takes a few minutes to complete and once you have been approved for the loan, we will keep you informed from within your online account area, and by email. To complete your loan application, simply login to your online account, follow the simple steps and read and sign the credit agreement and other important loan documents which will be presented there. We usually send money to your account within just 20 minutes of final approval.



Returning customers


If you're a returning customer, simply login to your account, update any information that is required and select the loan you want (amount & term). You will need to sign a credit agreement and accept our terms and conditions each time you borrow.

Can I get a loan if I don't own my own home?

Yes, you can. All that matters is that we are confident that you will be able to repay the loan on time and without difficulty.

Am I eligible for a loan?

To be eligible for a loan, you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Reside permanently in the UK
  • Hold a bank account in the UK with an active debit card
  • Have a verifiable mobile phone number and email address
  • Have a regular source of income
  • Able to afford the repayments over the term of the loan


Once we have confirmed these details we will make any necessary checks required to support our lending decision and to ensure the loan is affordable for you.

Do I need to have a bank account?

Yes, and you will need to have a debit card linked to the account. This is because we will send money directly to your bank account upon approval of your loan and we then collect the repayments using the linked debit card. We do work with customers who have a basic bank account and debit card, but we do not approve applications with a prepaid or credit card.

How do I know if my loan is approved?

As soon as a decision is made regarding your loan we will inform you by email.

How do your loans work?

We provide short-term loans of 3, 6, and 12 months with a credit limit of up to £2000.


Our short-term loans are not suitable for longer-term borrowing needs.


Our loans are repaid by installments and are available for new and returning customers, subject to eligibility. We will automatically collect each installment from your debit card monthly on the date you chose when you requested the loan.


Each installment includes a combination of both interest and loan capital.

How much can I borrow?

Up to £500 over a period of 3 months.
Up to £1000 over a period of 6 months.
Up to £2000 over a period of 12 months.


The amount you can borrow, and loan term is subject to our eligibility and affordability checks.


Our short-term loans are not suitable for longer term borrowing needs.


It is important to remember that you should never borrow if you are in any doubt that you will be able to make your repayments. Late payments will incur daily interest charges.

Do you charge for a transferring money into my account?

No. There are no hidden costs and the agreed interest payments will be the only thing we charge you. National Debtline have produced an advice sheet that you might find useful and it can be found by clicking here.

How much will a loan cost me?

It is absolutely free to apply for a loan from us. We only charge interest for the days that you borrow and you may be able to save money by making early repayments. Here at MYJAR we pride ourselves in keeping details of all costs clear, simple and transparent.


3-month loan: 0.75% per day (or 75p per day for each £100 borrowed).

6-month loan: 0.65% per day (or 65p per day for each £100 borrowed).

12-month loan: 0.35% per day (or 35p per day for each £100 borrowed).


We guarantee that you will not be required to repay more than twice the amount you originally borrowed on any of our loan products.


Our short-term loans are not suitable for longer term borrowing needs.


REPRESENTATIVE EXAMPLE: Borrow £300 for 3 months. Annual interest rate 274% (fixed). 3 equal instalments of £148.02. Total amount to repay £444.06. Representative 1081% APR.

How much does it cost to contact you?



The 020 3006 2000 telephone number that we provide our customers is a standard geographic number for the London region and, therefore, just standard network charges will apply.





Managing your account online is free and these services are available 24 hours a day.

What is APR?

Annual Percentage Rate (or APR) is a figure designed to illustrate the amount of interest you will pay annually on your loan if you kept the loan for a full year. For that reason, APR figures can appear relatively high on loans over shorter periods compared to loans over more than one year.



To help you get a better idea of what your loan will cost you over the time you will be borrowing, we suggest looking at the amount of interest charged per day. These daily charges are outlined below.


3-month loan: 0.75% per day (or 75p per day for each £100 borrowed);

6-month loan: 0.65% per day (or 65p per day for each £100 borrowed);

12-month loan: 0.35% per day (or 35p per day for each £100 borrowed).

Our short-term loans are not suitable for longer term borrowing needs.


Our Representative APR is 1081% APR. This figure is designed to illustrate the most common APR that our customers receive based on the average loan value and term.

Miscellaneous Enquiries

Data Subject Access Request - How can I make a data subject access request?

Under the Data Protection Act 2018 and General Data Protection Regulation, you are entitled to request the personal information that we hold on file for you. You can request this via email, phone call or post, the contact information is listed below. Alternatively, you can send us a message via our contact form. When making a data subject access request, we require you to provide a copy of your ID.


Phone: 020 3006 2000


Write to us:
Unit 22426
Po Box 7169
BH15 9EL


Contact form: 'Get in Touch'

Data Subject Access Request - What information is already available on the website and how can I access it?

You can access some of the information that we hold about you via your secure account area. Simply log in to view.

Data Subject Access Request - Do you require a fee before providing the information?

We do not charge any fees to obtain copies of the personal data we hold on file.

Data Subject Access Request - What information do you hold about me?

We only hold as much information as we believe is necessary in order to carry out our services to you. Information is held only for an amount of time that is appropriate to carry out those services.


Some information that we may hold about you includes:


  • Information from the Website including your IP address, operating system and browser type;
  • When you open an account, you will be required to provide us with personal and financial information in order for us to decide whether to lend to you;
  • Information regarding how you use and manage your account, your repayment history and details of transactions you carry out with us;
  • Information we obtain from third parties such as Credit Reference Agencies
  • Correspondence that is exchanged between us including telephone calls (which may be recorded), letters, e-mails, SMS messages and live chat;
  • Feedback and responses to research surveys which you provide to us.


You have the right to the specifics of the information that we hold about you at any time via making a Data Subject Access request.

Data Subject Access Request - Why do you hold information about your customers?

We hold information in order to give the best possible service to our clients.


Some of the ways we may use your personal data are:

  • to assess your credit history, confirm your employment and make lending decisions;
  • to search credit reference agencies’ (“CRAs”) and fraud prevention agencies’ records;
  • for the purposes of collecting your loan repayment(s) and for the collection of unpaid loans, including providing your data to third party debt collectors;
  • to develop and improve the products and services that we provide.


For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.

How do you measure the % of customers who would recommend you?

Your feedback is always important to us and we use several ways to gauge customer satisfaction. This includes surveys and telephone interviews that may be used to help us improve our service. We invite customers to review us via the independent review website TrustPilot with the rating and number of reviews being published both on our website and TrustPilot’s.  But don’t just listen to what we have to say, take a look for yourself at what our other customers are saying. You can visit our Trustpilot page to verify our customer reviews or leave your own review.

Where can I see your terms & conditions?

Before you complete your loan request you will be required to read and accept a Credit Agreement for your loan, a Standard European Consumer Credit Information (SECCI) and an Adequate Explanation. These documents set out clearly the terms and conditions of your loan with us.


However if you do have any further questions, please contact here:
Telephone: 020 3006 2000

Where can I get information regarding your privacy policy?

Please click here to have full access to our privacy policy.

Is your service affected by weekends and bank holidays?

Our online service is available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. In most cases your loan will be transferred to your bank account within minutes regardless of the day or time. We always aim to take loan payments on their due date so you will not be charged extra interest.


We have Customer Services Representatives available to take your calls and queries at the following times;


Monday to Friday: 8am to 8pm

Saturday: 9am to 5pm

Sunday and Bank Holidays: Closed

How can I send feedback regarding your service?

We are always working to exceed customer expectations. If you have any feedback regarding our service, please don’t hesitate to send an email to

How do you use my debit card details?

We hold the details of your debit card which we use to take repayments for your loan. This data is held securely and in compliance with the PCI DSS guidelines. These require that:


  • We have secure physical and electronic systems for holding your data.
  • All the information that we send to your bank when making or receiving payments is encrypted.
  • We use strong passwords for keeping your card details secure.
  • We render card numbers unreadable anywhere they are stored.
  • The systems and the networks that we use are regularly tested to ensure that they remain secure.


Full details of the PCI DSS guidelines can be viewed at the Security Standards official website.

When is your call centre open?

We have Customer Services Representatives available to take your calls and queries at the following times;


Monday to Friday: 8am to 8pm


Saturday: 9am to 5pm


Sunday and Bank Holidays: Closed

How do I report fraudulent activity?

Fraud and Internet crimes should be reported via the Police Action Fraud website. If you believe that your personal details have been used to fraudulently obtain a loan from us, we strongly advise you to contact the Police and your bank to inform them of the theft of your personal information. We understand that this can be a stressful matter and would like to reassure you that we work closely with external organisations, such as the Police and Cifas, when we investigate fraud claims.

Additionally, to help us start our investigation, you can discuss any concerns with our Customer Services Representatives. Details of how to contact us can be found on our contact page. We will need the following information:

  • Your full name and date of birth
  • Your Crime Reference Number or Log Number from Action Fraud/the Police
  • A contact phone number
  • An email address we can reach you on
  • If you have an entry on your credit file, the postcode that was used
  • A bank statement showing any payments made to or from MYJAR (optional)


Please be aware that false claims of fraud can, if convicted, lead to fines and/or imprisonment. It’s important that you only report fraud if you are certain it has taken place.


About Cifas 


Cifas is the UK´s leading non-profit fraud prevention membership organisation, who aim to help protect individuals and organisations from the threat of fraud and financial crime and who manage the largest fraud risk database in the country called the National Fraud Database.


For an administration fee of £25, Cifas can place a ‘Protective Registration’ flag alongside your personal details in their secure database. Companies and organisations who are signed up as members of the database will see that you’re at risk and take extra steps to protect you, preventing fraudsters from using your details to apply for products and services.


To find out more about Cifas, please visit their website.

Data Subject Access Request - How long does it take for me to receive the requested information?

A Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) can take up to one month to be compiled and sent out. However, we may extend this deadline by up to two months if the requests are complex or a number of requests have been received from an individual.


Open Banking

What is meant by Open Banking?

Open Banking was set up by the UK Government to encourage more competition and innovation in the financial services sector. Open Banking allows you to manage the financial data your bank or building society generates from your bank account, so you can safely and securely use your own financial information when applying for credit. Further information about Open Banking is available from

What is the purpose of Open Banking during my loan application?

During your MYJAR loan application, our selected Open Banking third-party provider provides you with a secure portal, for requesting your consent and enables the secure connection to your bank or building society. Our Open Banking third-party provider will then provide MYJAR with your transactional information from your bank or building society for the permitted purpose of verifying your income, outgoings, and creditworthiness.

Is Open Banking safe?

Open Banking is safe and secure. Any data you submit via the secure portal will be encrypted and its usage tracked by our chosen Open Banking provider as part of set Open Banking data security standards. MYJAR is responsible for the secure transmission of any shared personal data to the specially regulated third-party provider, for safely directing you to the portal and for the safe receipt and usage of your transaction information. You will not be required to share your banking password or login details with MYJAR. Once you have given your consent to share your bank account information on the portal you will be directed to your own bank or building society’s login page where you will enter your own login details directly.

Your individual data protection and privacy rights including the right to access, correct, delete, object, restrict, withdraw consent, request transfer, and/or make a complaint, continue to apply to relevant personal data we control, or process can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Can my bank share my information?

Yes. Banks must allow your info to be shared, but only if you explicitly give permission to an Open Banking provider. Your bank and our chosen Open Banking provider have a trusted, secure connection. Your bank only has Open Banking connections with licensed and regulated companies.

Our chosen Open Banking provider is Credit Kudos Limited who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (ref. number 770345 and 795791) and registered and incorporated in England and Wales (company no. 09873335).

Credit Kudos registered office: 4 Bath Place, London, EC2A 3DR.

Credit Kudos our Open Banking provider shall be entitled to re-access your transactional Information for up to 90 days from the date of your original search result to refresh the search results, obtain a snapshot of your data or gather additional data. Credit Kudos shall hold the personal data and the transaction information they receive and retain according to their own terms and conditions and privacy policy, available on the portal, which you will be required to read and consent to once directed there during our MYJAR application process. You can access the Credit Kudos Privacy Policy here. 

Can I opt-out of Open Banking?

You can use Open Banking to authorise your bank to securely share your financial history with regulated companies like MYJAR. If you don’t want to share, you don’t need to do anything, as Open Banking requires you to give your explicit consent.

What will Open Banking allow MYJAR to assess?

Using our Open Banking provider, MYJAR will assess what you can afford to borrow and the financial commitments you currently have.  We want to determine how much you can borrow without negatively impacting your financial situation. Our mission is to present the most appropriate loan term and amount.

Is Open Banking free?

Open Banking is free. However, some regulated apps and websites may choose to charge you for their products and services. Our chosen Open Banking provider is Credit Kudos Limited. Credit Kudos never charges individuals to use our services or Open Banking. They make money by licensing their software and services to lenders.

The Loan

Will I be eligible to reborrow, if I have repaid my loan in full?

Once you have repaid your loan simply log in to your online account and follow the simple steps to see if you are eligible to borrow. You will be subject to further checks, so that we can ensure you can afford the repayments.


The most important thing when you borrow from us is that you are confident of your ability to make your repayments on time. Late payments can damage your credit score.

How long do I have to cancel my loan?

You can cancel your loan at any time up to 14 days after the loan has been paid to you. If you want to withdraw you must notify us of your intention to do so, either in writing or over the phone. Speak with a Customer Services Representative on 020 3006 2000. To cancel in writing you can write to MYJAR, Unit 22426, Po Box 7169, Poole, BH15 9EL, fax your cancellation notice to 0203 004 0991 or email


If you cancel your loan you must repay the amount of credit and accrued interest (from the date the credit was provided until you repay the credit) without undue delay and no longer than 30 calendar days after giving notice of withdrawal. The amount of interest that will accrue per day is set out in the loan agreement that you have completed with us. If you ask us to, we will inform you without delay of the amount of interest payable per day.


You can repay the capital borrowed and interest by calling us on 020 3006 2000 and using the debit card that we have registered for you or by bank transfer. You can also request our bank details by emailing us at

Can I repay the loan before the repayment date?

Yes, and we encourage you to do so if you can and only if it is right financially for you. Paying early and borrowing again soon after repayment is not recommended, however, the sooner you repay your loan, the less it will cost you as you only pay for the days that you’ve had it.


You can make a payment outside of the scheduled arrangement via the following:




Login to your MYJAR account and make a payment.





Call us on 020 3006 2000, select option 1 to speak to a Customer Services Representative.

How long do I have to wait before I can apply for a new loan?

If you have repaid your loan you will be able to apply for a new one subject to eligibility.


Short-term loans are not intended as a long-term financial solution, so if you find that you need to borrow frequently you should consider whether this is the best option for you.


If you find that you need to take loans out often, you should consider getting some impartial advice about your finances. You can get free advice from:


Website Phone
PayPlan 0800 280 2816
National Debtline 0808 808 4000
StepChange Debt Charity 0800 138 1111


You can also find the details of your local Citizens Advice Bureau at

Do I get a discount if I repay my loan early?

The sooner that you repay your loan the less it will cost you. You will only pay for the days that you borrow.


To make a payment outside of the scheduled arrangement these are the other options available to you:




Login to your MYJAR account and make a payment.





Call us on 020 3006 2000, select option 1 to speak to a Customer Services Representative.

The Repayments

Where can I see my repayment schedule?

Logging in to your account will give you access to the details of your account including the repayment schedule. This is also where you can go to make early payments. Remember, we only ever charge you interest on the days that the loan remains outstanding, so we strongly encourage you to pay early whenever you can, that way you can save yourself money.

How can I check my balance or repayment date?

To check your outstanding balance or loan due date, please log in to your account.

How long will I have to make repayments?

Our short-term loans are repaid via monthly instalments. You can choose to repay in full at any time and you will only pay for the days that you have borrowed. If you want to make additional payments to reduce the interest you repay, you can log in to your account to make a repayment.


Our short-term loans are not suitable for longer term borrowing needs.

How are loan repayment arrangements agreed?

We always try to ensure that loans are affordable for our customers. The full schedule of payments will be available in your online account area so that you will always know when the next payment is due. In addition to this we will also send you a reminder in advance of each scheduled payment through SMS and email.


If you miss a payment we will contact you to let you know what has happened and we will try to take the payment again. It is our aim to make this as easy as possible so that you can avoid damage to your credit score with Credit Reference Agencies. It’s not in our interest to have customers who are getting into financial difficulty so this is as important to us as every other stage of the process.


There is always the option to make additional payments or to repay the balance in full at any time during the agreed loan repayment period.

What methods of payment can I use?

Once we have agreed on the most convenient time of the month for you to make repayments we can then take payments using a Continuous Payment Authority using the details of your debit card. These automatic payments will be prearranged in a repayment schedule that you can view at any time.


If you wish to make a payment outside of the scheduled arrangement, then you can do so via the following:




Login to your MYJAR account and make a payment.




Call us on 020 3006 2000, select option 1 to speak to a Customer Services Representative.


Upon receipt of your payments we will send you a message of confirmation via email for your records. Payments to us will appear on your bank account as “MYJAR”.

What is a continuous payment authority and how does it work?

When you sign up with us, you provide details of your debit card and agree that we can take payments from that card to repay your loan. This is called a Continuous Payment Authority. We will never take more money than we are owed by you and will always tell you that we intend to take a payment. The amount we try to take will be the full instalment that is due, which may include unpaid interest.


If there is not enough money in your account to pay your instalment when it is due, we will contact you and let you know, and if appropriate, try to take the payment at a later time using your Continuous Payment Authority.


We will only ever try to take the payment, using the Continuous Payment Authority, a maximum of twice for any loan. If we are not able to obtain payment from your card after the second attempt, it will be your responsibility to arrange payment to us.


We will always confirm that your payment has been received. Payments to us will appear on your bank account as “MYJAR”.

Why do you use a continuous payment authority arrangement?

We use a Continuous Payment Authority to make it convenient for you to make your loan repayments, without having to contact us every time a repayment is due. If there are insufficient funds available, we can only make one further attempt under the Continuous Payment Authority to collect the payment. If there are still insufficient funds available after the second attempt, we will not try again and it will then be your responsibility to contact us to make a payment.

Can I cancel a continuous payment authority?

Yes. You can cancel a Continuous Payment Authority at any time by contacting your bank. You can also cancel the arrangement by calling us on 020 3006 2000 or by emailing us at and the arrangement will be cancelled with immediate effect. It will be important for you to make other arrangements to make your repayments on time as late payments can damage your credit score.

What are the charges for late payments?

Interest is charged at a daily rate of 0.35% - 0.75%, depending on the type of loan you have chosen. However, no matter how late your payments are, you will not pay more than twice the amount that you borrowed.

Why hasn't my repayment been taken from my bank?

Login to your account to check on the status of your account. You will be able to see here if there is a late payment. If a payment has been missed you should check that there were enough funds in your account on the day payment was requested or that the debit card we hold for payment is valid. You can do this by contacting your bank or our Customer Services Team.


If your payment has been missed, you can make a payment by logging in to your account. Alternatively, follow the instructions below.


Please call us on 020 3006 2000 and select option 1 to speak to a Customer Services Representative.


Upon receipt of your payments we will send you a message of confirmation via email for your records. Payments to us will appear on your bank account as “MYJAR”.

Can I change the dates of my repayments?

Don’t forget that you can pay in part to reduce interest payments or pay in full early and only pay for the days that you have borrowed.


Your repayment dates can be rescheduled, subject to eligibility. To discuss this with our Customer Services Team please call them on 020 3006 2000.

What if I lose my debit card or it expires?

Please contact a member of our Customer Services Team to make a new arrangement before your next payment is due. If you don’t let us know the payment will be rejected even when you have sufficient funds in your account and this will appear as a missed payment on your credit report.

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Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, visit the Money Advice Service

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