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Money Saving Tips

A guide to thrifty Mother’s day gift ideas

Mother’s Day is such a beautiful idea, taking time each year to really show our love and appreciation for the ones who have been there for us all along. If we really think about it, one day probably doesn’t do them justice. However we are busy adults at the end…

24th March 2019

Money Saving Tips

40 days of Lent or 40 days of saving

The tradition of Lent is just around the corner. Traditionally it involves fasting for 40 days between Ash Wednesday and Holy Thursday (18th April), Sundays being an exception. Quite a challenge right? For those who are not so religious, but still choose to take part in Lent, may give something…

4th March 2019

Money Saving Tips

Loan Jargon Buster

When you’re searching for a loan, it’s normal to encounter various abbreviations, jargon and small print. It’s important to fully understand this terminology before making the decision to take out a loan – which is why at MYJAR we aim to make the borrowing process terms of our loans as clear and simple as possible.

17th December 2018

Money Saving Tips

8 Money Habits to Adopt in 2019

There's nothing like the New Year to step back and reassess where you can make improvements to your finances.

14th December 2018

Money Saving Tips

Which is the best bank account for me?

Opening a new bank account or thinking of switching? We have a few helpful suggests on how to get the best account for you.

14th November 2018

Money Saving Tips

3 Things to Avoid in the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales

Be mindful on Black Friday, and avoid the sudden last minute splurge on those discounted goods. Read our handy blog post to find out the most common retail tricks that get you to spend your pounds and pennies.

13th November 2018

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