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40 Days of Lent with MYJAR

40 days of Lent or 40 days of saving

The tradition of Lent is just around the corner. Traditionally it involves fasting for 40 days between Ash Wednesday and Holy Thursday (18th April), Sundays being an exception. Quite a challenge right? For those who are not so religious, but still choose to take part in Lent, may give something up for the 40 days.

If you’re wondering what to give up for Lent, whatever that might be, remember that it needs to be realistic as you’ll be going without for longer than a month - 40 days to be exact. So make sure you don’t set your ambitions too high.

To help you get started, we’ve put a list of some realistic things you could give up or take part in during lent. On the plus side, you could even save yourself some money.


Things to give up during lent:

  • No alcohol or cigarettes:
    Much like dry January, why not give up alcohol or cigarettes? You could raise money for charity by getting friends and family to sponsor you and spur you on.
  • Give up meat
    (Veganuary has been a big trend for the last two years, however it can be a challenge. If you’re not prepared to go the full way, why not replace your meat for fish during lent.
  • Driving
    If it’s cheaper to get public transport in your local area, then ditch driving for 40 days. If you have a busy driving schedule for example dropping the kids to school and shopping etc. you could alternatively set a limit of car usage during lent, and see how much you save on petrol and parking. You could even try and organise a car pool during the lent period.
  • No dining out or takeaways
    Unless you have a big social event coming up then we suggest giving up dining out during lent. You would certainly save yourself a few quid.
  • Shopping ban
    Unless it’s for groceries, essential toiletries or cleaning products we suggest avoiding any impulse shopping or random amazon purchases. You might even find you have lost interest in the items you wanted come the end of lent. Now that’s a double bonus for your wallet.


Challenges to take part in during lent:

  • Start selling
  • In addition to curbing the impulse shopping, you could also start selling your items. Try to find 40 things in your home to sell - it could be old art sets, pots and pans, shoes, raincoats, clothes, cups, plates, plants and well, anything you find lying around which you don’t use enough.
  • Bake off
  • Adopt the DIY attitude to sweet treats - only eat those that you make yourself such as biscuits cakes, chocolate and any comfort or takeaway foods.
  • Packed lunches
  • This might not seem like a huge goal, but it does require some foreplanning and certainly some motivation in the mornings or evenings before work to make your lunch. If it seems like an ordeal for you, then set aside some time on Sundays and prep your meals for the full week.
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