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Money Saving Tips for Eye Tests & Prescription Glasses

Money Saving Tips for Eye Tests & Prescription Glasses

If you suffer from bad eyesight, the cost of having regular eye tests and buying frames or contact lenses can really add up, and it’s something that you can easily forget to budget for, since it’s not necessarily something you pay out every month.

The costs really can add up, but don’t fret, we have put together some tips and tricks of how to budget for this extra expense.

Free Eye Tests

When choosing the company you want to go to for your eye test, try to find one with a great reputation. Many will also offer promotional free eye tests and most have ranges that include free or low-cost frames and 2 for 1 deals.

You might find that you are eligible to have free tests. Some people with medical conditions that can affect their sight, those on low incomes and older people may find that they can get free tests and glasses – just ask at the opticians. It is important to remember though, that if you need glasses for driving, you cannot afford not to have your eyes tested regularly.

Shop Around

When it comes to choosing your frames, try on different styles in store but don’t settle on a price right away. Once you know the style you like and that suits you, shop around online to see if you can pick them up cheaper elsewhere. Prices vary massively from place to place, and it’s often cheaper online, but trying frames in store first will prevent returns, as well as wasted time and money.

Free Glasses

Did you know there are websites out there who will give you prescription glasses for free? One good one to check out is Firmoo, where their basic frames are free with a coupon code. They have some really trendy and classic styles, so there’s bound to be something for you.

Ask at Work

In some cases your company may be required to cover the costs of eye tests. For example, if you do a lot of computer work, drive a vehicle or anything that requires 20:20 vision, it may be worth checking if you could be entitled to having these costs covered.


If you wear your glasses every day then consider taking advantage of two for one deals. Don’t rely on one pair of frames in case they break or get lost. Having two pairs will make them both last longer and save you any last minute emergencies forking out on a new pair quickly.

Discounts for Students

Most major eye test and prescription glasses retailers will offer discounts for students – either on their eye tests, on your glasses, or even both. Have a look at the deals on offer in your local area and don’t forget to take along your student card to take advantage of them.

Stop Using Contacts

Contact lenses come at a cost and it’s not cheap to keep them stocked up. If you’re a regular wearer of contacts, keep your use of them to a minimum to save serious money. Swap them for your frames instead - glasses are on trend and a great accessory to wear after all.

Care for Your Glasses

This sounds like a simple and obvious thing, but it’s actually really easy to let it slip. Us glasses wearers have probably all been guilty of shoving them in our pockets instead of putting them away properly. Keep your glasses in a case and look after them properly – it keeps them clean but also prevents the build-up of micro-scratches (or even those big, nasty scratches) which make your glasses almost useless.

Having to look after your eyes needn’t leave you out of pocket if you stay savvy. Hopefully these tips will set you up for better ways of managing your eye care routine and might even save you some money at the same time.

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