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3 Things to Avoid in the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales

Be mindful on Black Friday, and avoid the sudden last minute splurge on those discounted goods. Read our handy blog post to find out the most common retail tricks that get you to spend your pounds and pennies.

13th November 2018

10 Tips to Combat Impulse Shopping

Some unexpected payments aren’t always possible to account for, but avoiding impulse shopping really helps.

12th November 2018

What Is Emergency Tax and What Should You Do If You're Paying It?

Here's some useful information to help you understand what exactly 'Emergency Tax' is and if you need to be paying it

1st November 2018

5 Affordable Foods to Eat at your Bonfire Night Party

Remember, remember the 5th of November. We all know the song, but do we know what tantalising indulgences we could all easily make, ready for the night ahead? Well don’t worry, MYJAR have you sorted.

31st October 2018

Have a Spooktacular Halloween on a Budget

Follow our top Halloween money-saving tips and you’re guaranteed a truly terrifying time!

24th October 2018

Why Credit Ratings are Important and How They Can Help You

Your credit rating really does matter, for a number of reasons. Here we explain what a credit rating is, how it can help you, and ways to improve your score. 

23rd October 2018

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