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Loan Jargon Buster

When you’re searching for a loan, it’s normal to encounter various abbreviations, jargon and small print. It’s important to fully understand this terminology before making the decision to take out a loan – which is why at MYJAR we aim to make the borrowing process terms of our loans as clear and simple as possible.

17th December 2018

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Flexible loans

How much would you like to borrow?


How long would you like to pay back your loan?

  • 3


  • 6


  • 12


  • Daily rate per
    £100 borrowed

  • Interest

  • Monthly

  • Total


*Monthly repayments may differ slightly in the final loan offer, illustrative purposes only

*Monthly repayments may differ slightly in the final loan offer, illustrative purposes only

Representative example: Borrow £300 for 3 months. Annual interest rate 274% (fixed). Repay in 3 instalments of £148.02 each. Total amount to repay £444.06. Representative 1081% APR.

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Top 10 Thrifty UK Bloggers to Follow

We've put together a list of our top thrifty bloggers, to help you get started with saving money.

28th September 2018

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6 Steps To Help Cut Your Energy Bills

Being more aware of how your household consumes energy, will help to reduce the amount you’re paying out each month. 

17th September 2018

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Money-saving Apps & Websites for Parents

The internet can be a goldmine of money-saving knowledge for parents, if you know where to look!

11th September 2018

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MYJAR Shortlisted for Credit Strategy Awards 2018

This year MYJAR have been shortlisted for not one, but three Credit Excellence Awards.

17th April 2018

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How To Teach Your Children the Value of Money

Just 1 in 4 children have received money management lessons - we show you how you can help prepare  your children for a successful financial life.

12th April 2018

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Top 10 Productivity Apps for Freelancers & Contractors

When you’re a freelancer, it can be a real challenge to keep life organised. Read about the apps that we recommend to help you keep track of things.

7th April 2018

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