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MYJAR ideas for Mothers Day

A guide to thrifty Mother’s day gift ideas

Mother’s Day is such a beautiful idea, taking time each year to really show our love and appreciation for the ones who have been there for us all along. If we really think about it, one day probably doesn’t do them justice. However we are busy adults at the end of the day, so it really is the thought and effort that counts on Mother’s Day. Following from that, if you’re a bit strapped for cash at the moment, then perhaps you can show your appreciation by putting effort into a homemade gift.

For example, if your mum is a sucker for scented things and loves stores like Lush or the Body Shop, then why not try making your own soap? You would be amazed at how many ingredients you can buy from the high street. We recommend giving this How-to piece from the Spruce Crafts a read - you’ll certainly be inspired with their 22 recipes. So check it out if you’re keen to get your hands dirty, or should we say... clean!

If your mum is more into getting cozy by lighting candles around the house, why not try your hand at candle making? There is an abundance of vloggers on YouTube, you just need to find the right one. If your mum is a bit of an ecowarrior you can even find ethical and soy-based recipes. Who knows, it might even become your go to signature present if you enjoy it. Check out Amazon for starter kits once you’ve found a recipe or blog post you want to follow. If not we recommend checking out Randall’s Candle’s for competitive prices on starter kits.

Go that bit further than simply getting your mum some flowers this Mother’s day. Why not buy her an accompanying vase and add your personal touch? You could get some glass paints and get your creative juices going. You could opt for a clay vase and try a more simplistic approach by writing a cute note on the base- just make sure to vanish it so it doesn’t wear off.  If you want to save money, then we suggest going to your local market or florist and making your own bouquet by picking a few flowers instead of one already made.  You could get extra thrifty by adding in leaves and twigs from your garden- although maybe try to visualize it first, or consult google for some ideas.

If your mum is the sentimental kind, then why not go for the old classic- a nice framed photo and leave a sweet note at the back, so she’ll always feel close to you when you’re not there. The photo doesn’t necessarily have to be of you, it could be a photo of her and the kids if she’s a grandmother, or you might find a nice snap from a big family event like a wedding, Christening or even a special Christmas. Or you could even arrange your own photoshoot. It doesn’t need to cost a lot as most smartphones have great cameras nowadays, and you can find an app to help you make some photo edits.

If you’re really stuck for time, we suggest taking a little look around the kitchen for an old jar and make a face or body scrub. All you need is used ground coffee granules, coconut oil, sea salt and a dash of lemon. If you feel like getting more adventurous, try some of these recipes from Stylecraze, just make sure to add a bow or ribbon as a final touch, or even attach a small wooden spoon or spatula if you have something to hand.

Failing all of these just remember the best gift of all is time, whether that’s a walk in the park, a cuppa, or a home cooked dinner. If your mum is always rushed off her feet, there’s no doubt she’d welcome some help with the house work while she takes a break. Whatever you decide we hope it’s a wonderful day for all those involved.

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