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Top 10 Thrifty UK Bloggers to Follow

Top 10 Thrifty UK Bloggers to Follow

Whether you’re a supermarket yellow-sticker addict, a charity shop lover, or a personal finance whizz, we’ve rounded up the best thrifty bloggers to follow in the UK.

1. Cass - The Diary of a Frugal Family

Cass covers a range of money saving topics including budgeting, bargain recipes and thrifty shopping tips. She also tackles a lot of topics surrounding money and children, including school trips, back to school shopping and cheap days out. Her “50 ways to save money” article is her most popular blog post to date.

2. Jane – Frugal Queen

Jane lives between Cornwall and France. After purchasing a beautiful home in Brittany in 2015, she has been blogging about her frugal renovations ever since. You’ll also find a whole range of thrifty topics on her blog from budget recipes, to holidaying on the cheap.

3. Ricky & Naomi Willis - Skint Dad

Fed up of being in debt and wanting to overhaul his life and money management, Ricky started his blog in 2013 and has since gone on to become one of the most popular money blogs in the UK. If you’re looking to save for a rainy day, find ways to increase your income or cut back on your food bill then Skint Dad is the place to be.

4. Zoe Morrison - Eco Thrifty Living

Zoe quit her day job back in 2012 and used her blog to document her transition from living on two salaries, to one. A treasure-trove of information for those seeking to save the environment as well as save money, Zoe offers tips on using up leftovers, going zero waste and handy life hacks to help you save money.

5. Francesca - From Pennies to Pounds

A gloriously pink and girly addition to this list, Francesca writes about paying off debt, saving money and making money. She gives practical money advice on things like becoming a single parent, how to successfully use Facebook Marketplace and advice for frugal living.

6. Jack Monroe - Cooking on a Bootstrap

Jack originally found fame through her food blog ‘A Girl Called Jack’ where she would document her life as a “broke parent”. Her recipes gained popularity due to their extremely low cost, with many meals costing under 10p per portion. Since then, Jack has become a best-selling cookbook author, journalist and campaigner for poverty issues. Her blog is an absolute goldmine for anyone looking to reduce their food bills.

7. Becky - Family Budgeting

Becky is a parenting author and blogger and actually runs several successful blogs. She covers a range of topics from money, food, interiors, travel, fashion and parenting in a friendly and informative way.

8. Louise - Pauper to Princess

A digital nomad working her way around the world, Louise’s blog is full of fantastic tips about how to get the best out of charity shops and how to become a digital nomad. Her most popular posts include a review of Everything5pounds, a DIY Grecian maxi dress tutorial, and a post about where to find online work.

9. Lesley - Thrifty Lesley

1 person, 1 day, £1 is Lesley’s strapline. Her blog is a truly amazing collection of recipes and meal plans to help you spend less money on food. Her blog is also intermixed with a lovely variety of posts about her days out, holidays and charity shop hauls.

10. Lauretta - Home and Horizon

Lauretta is a mum of two who writes about thrifty interiors and affordable travel. In her own words, “it’s about cutting costs, not corners”. She also has a YouTube channel where she does product reviews, travel vlogs and talks about new product launches, special offers, deals, discounts and savings.

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