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Money Tips: Entertainment & Things to Do on a Budget

Cheap Days Out

We all know that necessities – food, heating, rent – should take priority in any budget. This doesn’t mean, however, that it isn’t important to enjoy life and regularly allow yourself affordable rewards for working hard every day. Spending time doing the things you enjoy is vital for keeping up motivation and morale.

Many of us spend a significant amount every month on keeping ourselves entertained, but we could be missing out on easy savings. To stretch your entertainment budget and increase your happiness levels throughout the winter, follow our simple wallet-boosting tips.

Free Exhibits at Art Galleries

While you might find yourself forking out a fair amount to see a special exhibition, permanent exhibits at many of the country’s top art galleries are free. If you fancy a cultural day out, you can’t do better than seeing some fine art in the flesh.

Happy Hour

A few drinks with friends can add up quickly, which is where Happy Hour deals can come in very useful. Many bars and pubs cut prices of both drink and food at a particular time of day, so some targeted research could end up saving you several pounds.

Matinee Movie Screenings

Are you a film buff who simply can’t wait to see the latest releases? You should consider going to the cinema during the day rather than in the evening. These screenings can be cheaper, and the cinema is likely to be less crowded!

Use your Local Library

It might seem the easy option to buy an e-book or a DVD when you fancy whiling away some leisure hours. Before you take out your wallet, though, get yourself to the library where you’ll have your pick of books and films, all for nothing.

Go for a Walk

Appreciating nature doesn’t cost a penny, and the UK is packed full of simply incredible beauty spots. A bracing walk through stunning landscape will do the whole family good.

There are plenty of ways to keep yourself and the family amused for little or no money. However, if you find yourself a little short before payday and need some one-off help, visit the MYJAR homepage to decide whether a short-term loan is right for you. To take out a loan, you must be have a regular income and sure that you can repay on time.

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