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Money Tips: 6 Ways to Save Money at Easter

Easter Bunnies On A Budget

Make Chocolate Eggs

Children relish eating Easter eggs, but they’ll enjoy making them even more. Whilst this may sound daunting, it’s not as difficult as you may think! All you need here are some moulding templates: you can find a multipack from Lakeland online for around £4.

After gradually melting the chocolate, direct the children to half fill the moulds with it. Allow the chocolate to coat the entire mould, then pour out the excess and leave it to set in the fridge for ten minutes. Repeat the process to ensure a nice thick coat, then stick the two egg halves together by heating the edges slightly (this job should be left to the adults!). Finally, melt some white and dark chocolate into side bowls, and set the children off decorating their eggs with drizzled swirls and patterns!

Play Carrot Toss

Burn off some of those chocolate eggs with an active Easter-themed game called ‘Carrot Toss’. To play, you’ll need a large sheet of white card, some thin strips of wood, sellotape, colouring pencils, scissors, and a big bag of carrots! Ask the children to help you draw a large rabbit head, making sure to draw a wide, oval-shaped open mouth onto it (this needs to be wider than a big carrot).

Once they’ve coloured in the eyes and ears, carefully cut out the mouth and set the bunny cutout up in the garden - tape it to some wooden sticks and push these into the lawn to secure it. Have a competition to see how many carrots in a row each person can get into the rabbit’s mouth. Gradually move further away from the goal to make the game increasingly challenging!

Decorate Hard Boiled Eggs

Whether tots or not, all children enjoy being creative. Take this opportunity to plan a full-filled afternoon. From glue and glitter to paints and coloured feathers, stock up on an array of art and craft materials from a budget-friendly store such as Boyes.

Once you’ve mess-proofed your craft zone with waterproof white pin bags (more protective than newspaper), encourage the children to partake in an Easter egg decorating day. Boil plenty of eggs to keep them busy throughout the day!

Bake Easter Treats

Easter is a time for indulgence. So what better way to indulge than by baking a selection of sweet treats? Don’t worry if you’re not a dab hand in the kitchen yourself: you don’t have to be Great British Bakeoff ready!

Let the little ones take the reins, and simply provide supervision to ensure their safety. From measuring out flour to mixing up ingredients, children love getting hands-on when it comes to baking. They’ll spend hours decorating the likes of butterfly cakes and cookies - and will thoroughly enjoy eating their creations with a proud grin across their faces!

Make Bunnies & Chicks

Many of us associate cotton-tail bunnies and fluffy, yellow chicks with Easter, and this is a perfect opportunity for children to get crafting. Purchase some PVA glue, yellow and white pipe cleaner, and a packet of small, googly eyes from your local crafts store.

Bending the pipe cleaner into different shapes, set the children the challenge of creating yellow chicks and white bunnies with it! Once they have the shape (little ones may require a bit of guidance with this), they can use the PVA glue to stick on the eyes. Voila - homemade Easter decorations to dot around the house!

Plan An Easter Hunt

With Easter hailing the onset of spring in Britain, this weekend is an ideal time to spend in the garden. Easter egg hunts are a tradition for many families and can provide curious minds with hours of fun.

Small chocolate eggs which can be bought in multipacks are a suitably sized sweet treat to hide around the place. If you prefer, pick up an array of rabbit teddies from your local charity shops, and use these as prizes instead! Dot clues around the garden - or in the house if the weather is wet - and let the children become explorers for the day!

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