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Money Tips: 8 Budget Ideas for Mother’s Day

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From bandaging grazed knees to diffusing temper tantrums, mothers do a lot for their children; regardless of their age. Mother’s Day is the ideal time to help children appreciate all of their efforts and what’s more, this doesn't have to involve spending money on expensive gifts. Cue our top eight ideas for celebrating mother’s day on a budget…

Give Mum a ‘Day Off' Token

To show that you and your children acknowledge and appreciate all those little jobs mum does around the house, arrange to do those things for her, so that she gets a ‘day off’. New mums in particular may be exhausted by their newfound motherly responsibilities; giving them a chance to wind down and perhaps catch up on some much needed rest is a gift in itself.

Get the children involved with doing the laundry, tidying the house, and any other jobs, which help to take the load off mum’s hands! Be sure to bring her a cup of tea and enclose your day of token in her home-made Mother’s Day card, whilst she puts her feet up.

Breakfast in Bed 

Anybody with young children will know that getting an undisturbed morning snooze past 6AM is pretty much impossible. Giving mum a chance to get a much-needed lie in, you and the kids can prepare a delicious breakfast in bed for her.

Whether you cook up a traditional full English brekkie together, or simply prepare her favourite cereal and toast, she will no doubt appreciate the gesture. Serve with a fresh coffee or perfectly brewed tea, and decorate the tray with mum’s favourite flowers to make her feel extra special!

Home Spa Experience

All mums enjoy a relaxing pamper session, so make the day revolve around tranquility and calm. Whilst booking her into a five star spa may be beyond budget, there are plenty of ways to recreate this ambience at home. With helping hands from little ones, create a peaceful retreat for mum upstairs whilst she eats breakfast.

Run a hot, bubbly bath, light scented tea lights, and set some serene spa music playing in the background (this can be found for free on YouTube!). Agree with the kids that the upstairs in a whisper-only zone to keep down the noise, whilst mum soaks in the tub - and show them how to give her a good foot and hand massage once she’s in her dressing gown

Mother's Memories

The stresses of life can get in the way of happy memories. Make Mother’s Day a time for rekindling special moments: have your children pick out some photographs, which they think will have sentimental value to mum. Using these photographs, help them to create a memory scrapbook, which focuses around mum and the kids. Hearing her children explain why she is special to them is sure to make mum fill up with happiness!

Garden Fairies

With a million and one other things to do around the house, mums who enjoy gardening may rarely get a chance to potter outdoors. With spring being the ideal time for this, make Mother’s Day revolve around being green fingered! Encourage your children to help mum in the garden; from digging up weeds on the lawn, to helping pot new plants, your children will enjoy becoming avid garden fairies whilst mum gets some quality time to spend on her hobby - and with her little ones too! This may mean that you’re stuck inside running the house, but it is Mother’s Day, after all!

Come Dine With Us

Whether mum is the chef at home or you generally cook whilst she tends to other jobs in the house, the likelihood is that mums rarely get to sit down to an undisturbed dinner. With your children as your kitchen helpers, prepare mum’s favourite meal complete with a beautifully set table. Have your little ones escort her to the table when dinner is served, and ensure there are no pots left for mum to wash afterwards!

Mother’s Day Expedition

Whether mum enjoys visiting the seaside or prefers strolling through the hills, spend Mother’s Day exploring the great outdoors. Take charge organising the day, and ask the children to suggest places that mum might like to visit. If mum is usually the one to pack up the picnic, be sure to take responsibility here: prepare a tasty lunch with the help of your children, and be sure to bring some chilled wine so that mum can indulge if she wants to!

Home Bakery

Ideal for mums who have a sweet tooth, set about baking some treats with your children whilst mum relaxes. Help them to measure out ingredients and let them complete the all-important decorations. Serve with a cup of tea on a tray and leave mum to enjoy the treats with a film whilst your mini bakers help to clear up in the kitchen.

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