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Church of England to Provide Microfinancing

Over the weekend, Sir Hector Sants, the former chief executive of the Financial Services Authority, announced that the Church of England will launch a network of credit unions and microfinancing operations for its employees.

The Guardian story said the move could help small entrepreneurs and community groups seeking credit which, in turn, will help stimulate their local economies.

These plans are further evidence of the enormous demand for credit that’s not being met by the banks.

Many people, our customers included, find borrowing from banks to be challenging. For loaning a small amount over a short period, the banks’ processes are simply too difficult. They can be slow to respond and over-complicated in their approach.

We offer a quick and simple process, and we only lend to those with an income. MYJAR won’t lend more than an individual can afford – and we will never offer rollovers. At MYJAR, we take responsible lending very seriously.

As it turns out, we’re not alone in thinking small scale loans are a good product that people want.

If you need some assistance to meet an urgent financial requirement on either a short or long term basis, APPLY NOW for one of our loans.

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