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MYJAR Explains: Debt Consolidation Loans

Many people owe money to multiple lenders, and sometimes it becomes difficult to juggle these separate debts and keep them all under control. Debt consolidation loans are designed to bring together all the money you owe to different lenders into one manageable loan that can be paid off monthly.

What are the Benefits of a Debt Consolidation Loan?

There are several advantages to a debt consolidation loan. You may be able to pay a lower interest rate on the money you owe, reduce your monthly outgoings or negotiate a longer repayment period. Your eligibility for this type of loan will be assessed by a lender taking into account the amount you owe, your credit history and your ability to repay the new loan.

A debt consolidation loan could be helpful if you want to simplify repayments and get your finances back under control. Increasing your repayment time means your loan becomes a longer-term commitment, but this might help you to match the repayments with what you can afford to pay back.

Things to Think About

If you are thinking about a debt consolidation loan it probably means that you already feel overstretched by your financial commitments. The key thing to remember is that once your debts are consolidated, you need to make your payments on time, and make sure that you are not tempted to borrow more.

It goes without saying that lifting the financial weight off your shoulders following a loan consolidation shouldn't be celebrated with a spending spree. Consolidating debts and borrowing more will lead you into an even worse financial position.

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