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Money Tips: Declutter and Make Money for your Unwanted Items

Money for Unwanted Items

It doesn’t need to be Spring for you to deep clean and de-clutter. While it might sound like a chore, purging your space can be a great way to free up extra cash by selling unwanted items - and spruce up your home in the process.

Does it Spark Joy?

Taking inspiration from Kon Mari’s ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’, you can easily transform your home, and you might even enjoy doing it.

Kon Mari’s popular mantra encourages you to consider whether your belongings bring joy to your life. If not, you can probably consider discarding them. Anything essential can be considered separately (let’s face it, you’re unlikely get happiness from a toothbrush or a bottle of bleach!), but anything like clothes, books, DVDs, ornaments and other non-essential items that don’t ‘spark joy’ can probably be sold on or donated to charity. It’s unlikely that you’ll miss them!

Purge your Wardrobe

We all tend to hang on to things. Items like clothes that are too big, too small, or don't suit us, or electronics that we never use. If you’re guilty of this, be strict and put them in the 'sell' pile. The money you’ll get from selling them would probably be more useful.

Unlock Cash

Once you've got a good number of items together that you want to sell, put them on a re-sell website like Gumtree, Depop or Ebay.

Be clever about seasonal clothes - if you're selling winter coats and jumpers, wait until the end of the autumn to sell them. That way you'll get the best price and the highest number of bidders. Remember that if items are from designers or branded shops, you should advertise this when you post the listing. That way they'll get more interest. Be sure to always budget for any reselling fees or postage costs.

Car Boot Sales are always best to do following a big Spring Clean as you can make the most of the crowds and the good weather. It’s also possible to sell almost anything. Old mobile phones, last year’s gadgets, clothes, CDs, books - all of these things that are often just stuck in the back of drawers, gathering dust on the shelves or stashed at the back of the wardrobe and could be turned into cash in the bank.  

Once you’ve exhausted all these opportunities to sell on your items, consider donating or giving away the things you’ve cleared out to friends and family – that way you can enjoy your new clean and fresh decluttered space without filling it back up with things you no longer want.

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