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Money Tips: Festivals on a Shoestring Budget


Sunnier days can only mean one thing for music-lovers: festival season is here!

Music festivals are a great way to see your favourite acts, spend a few days in the sun, and dance the hours away with your friends.

But with many big-name festivals costing over £120 for a ticket, as well as transport, camping and living costs to take into account, the cash you spend on your festival experience can really mount up quickly.

If you’re itching to hit up the final festivals of the summer, but you also need to watch your wallet, pay attention! We have some great festival hacks to help you enjoy all the best beats this summer without compromising your budget. 

Go to a Free Festival

First thing’s first: deciding which festival you want to go to. This can be a tricky task, as there are hundreds taking place all across the UK this summer. 

Luckily, this includes free and cheap festivals alongside the more famous and more expensive events. 

If you’re just after great tunes and a great atmosphere, you’ll find you can get this without emptying your bank account. Have a look at The Festival Calendar for some of the options this summer. 


Stick up a post on social media to see if anyone else you know is planning on going to the same music festival.

Then you can all get together and share a car, which could massively reduce petrol cost and any toll charges you might need to pay on your journey.

Get Discounted Camping Gear

Start looking early for sales on festival must-haves, such as tents, waterproof jackets and sleeping bags. If you can get really cheap deals on your equipment, it will make a massive difference to your total festival spend.

And of course, if you know anyone who’s willing to lend you some of the stuff you need for a weekend, even better!

Make Your Own Festival Wardrobe

Everyone wants to look good at a festival, and fit in with the vibe of the crowd. After all, the season only comes round once a year and you might as well make the most of it. You don’t need to go on a blow-out shopping spree, though. Have a good hard look in your wardrobe and see what you can customise.

If you’ve got a spare pair of old jeans, for example, why not cut them up into shorts that you can party in all weekend.

Head to a Free Food Tent

Once you get to the festival, you’ll need to feed yourself regularly to make sure you stay healthy through the late nights and hard dancing!

Bring cheap tinned food and snacks with you, but also remember that some festivals have a free food tent. Locate this at the start of the weekend and you’ll be set for the whole festival.

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