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Money Tips: How to do Gardening on a Budget

If you're lucky enough to have a garden, it can be the finishing touch to a lovely home, and looking after your green space can be a relaxing and rewarding hobby.

Looking after your oasis can soon get costly, however. Follow our money saving tips to keep your hobby super-thrifty.

Go to the Pound Shop

When you're planning how to make your garden the best it can be, avoid going to expensive garden centres. Your local pound shop and budget supermarkets are likely to stock packets of seeds at very low prices. Growing your own from scratch is guaranteed to work out cheaper than buying plants.

Skip the Garden Centre

Garden centres can be costyl places, and you can often find beautiful plants at places like Aldi or Lidl. Also, buying more hardy plants that will spring up season after season will prevent you having to completely re-fill your garden beds every season.

Create a Vegetable Garden

A little time and attention will really pay off here, as you could feed your family for years to come by growing your own veg! You can grow everything you need for a delicious and nutritious salad: lettuce, tomatoes, radishes and more. Home-grown produce has more flavour than what you buy in the supermarket: you'll really notice the difference! It's the best way to turn the whole family onto a healthy, vitamin-rich diet.

Plan for the Next Season

Try and buy plants for the next season in advance, to get the most out of your garden and your budget. Think about what you'll want to see in your garden in the summer - dahlias and begonias are both gorgeous, colourful summertime flowers.

Make Friends with Other Gardeners

It's not what you know, it's who you know! Building friendships with other keen gardeners, for example through gardening groups or online forums, is the best way to get good tips. You can also swap plant clippings, which is a good way to get different plants growing in your garden for no money at all. 

Find Alternatives to Fertiliser

A bit of creativity will mean you don't need to dig deep in your wallet for fertiliser. Wet leaves that have been left in a bag for several months make leaf mulch that can be used to spread over your plants.

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