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Money Tips: How to Entertain Kids on a Budget During Half Term

Half Term

While it’s great to have the kids around for a week, it can be challenging to find cheap and cheerful ways to entertain them during half term. Luckily, with a bit of creativity and some handy hints, you can find plenty of inexpensive activities to keep them busy and spend quality time as a family.

Host an Arts and Crafts Day

Get some other parents together and you can all chip in to buy affordable arts and crafts materials. Set the kids to work making puppets, pictures, and even painted eggs in preparation for Easter. You and the other mums and dads can have a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon with some tea, cake and grown-up chat! 

Take a Walk Around Your Neighbourhood

Often we ignore the great things that are right on our doorstep. If your kids are used to hopping on the school bus and then coming home every day, there’s probably lots of your local neighbourhood that they’ve never explored. Take a walk around your area and help them discover where they’re from.

Teach the Kids to Bake

Take advantage of deals and discounts at your local supermarket, and buy some ingredients for making a delicious cake or cookies. Showing your kids how to master the art of baking is both fun and rewarding. At the end they’ll have learned a skill and your kitchen will be full of delicious treats! Invite some friends or family round to enjoy the sweet goodies, and to show off the kids’ hard work.

Explore Your Local Library

They’re easy to pass by, but libraries can be incredibly exciting places for kids. Not only are there hundreds of books for them to discover and get lost in, but you can also borrow DVDs, and sit and read the paper. Why not introduce the little ones to your favourite books from your childhood, and you can share the joy of reading together.

Take a Train Journey

There’s nothing more exciting than travel for kids, and taking a train journey can be truly thrilling. Plan a trip to a destination with a good choice of cheap or free things to do, and this could be a very affordable day of fun. Book your train early to get the best deals.

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