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Money Tips: How to Save Money on Clothes Shopping

A key part of staying healthy through the winter is wrapping up warm. It’s at this time of year more than any other that wearing the right clothes is important. While keeping your winter wardrobe well stocked can be pricey, there are plenty of ways to keep costs down and still have everything you need.

Follow these handy hints for dressing on a budget:

Quality not Quantity

Instead of buying lots of cheap clothes that won’t last long, build your wardrobe around a few key quality items. If you spend a bit more on clothes you’ll get really good wear out of, you’ll save money in the long run. Funnily enough, staying away from very cheap clothing outlets can actually help you save money, as you won’t be tempted to buy so much. Focus on the basics instead of spending a lot of money on garments you’ll only wear at the weekend or on holiday. If you like to wear jumpers every day and only wear dresses for special occasions, invest in a couple of good jumpers and limit the number of dresses you buy.


Very few things need to be thrown away. There’s always something you can do with an old pair of jeans, skirt or top. If you’ve had an item for a while and you want a change, why not trim the sleeves or turn unwanted trousers into shorts. If you’re really crafty, you could even transform an old jumper into a cosy pair of gloves or a scarf to fend off the cold. Instead of simply getting rid of clothes that don’t fit anymore, adding useful extras like waist extenders can give your clothes a whole new lease of life. 

Be Careful when Washing

It’s tempting just to shove laundry into the washing machine and switch it on, but you might be damaging your clothes this way. Read the labels and care instructions carefully to make sure your washing methods are preserving the clothes for as long as possible.

Avoid Wire Hangers

To really get the most life out of your clothes, use wooden or fabric hangers instead of wire. Wire stretches out clothes and can even rip thinner fabrics. The last thing you want is a hanger tearing a nice new shirt.

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