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Did you see us at the England game? (Video)

When we announced that we would be official advertisers at England’s international football friendly against Germany, MYJAR and England fans alike showed great support.


To celebrate the occasion, we challenged you to enter the MYJAR cup, a competition challenging our most creative fans to re-create England’s 1966 world cup trophy celebration with one important little change; the trophy had to be a jar! Whichever fan showed the most passion would be crowned the MYJAR Cup winner and be flown out to Berlin to watch the Germany vs England match!

We had lots of amazing entries with three runners up winning MYJAR goodybags.  


Adam from Twickenham sent in an amazing entry which earned him and a friend our winning prize! Adam was thrilled to win the prize and even happier to see England come back to win 3-2 after being two goals down!


Congratulations to Adam our MYJAR Cup winner, and England for putting on an amazing performance. We hope you all enjoyed the game as much as we did.   



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