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Category: Money Tips

Money Tips: How a More Minimalistic Lifestyle Could Save You Money

Minimalistic Lifestyle Save Money

Minimalism is a growing trend both online and offline right now. It encourages decluttering your existing items so that you're only left with belongings that you really love or that serve a really valuable and practical purpose in your life.

Minimalism has lots of great benefits like space, flexibility to move location, and simplicity of life, but it can also save you serious money.

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Money Tips: Declutter and Make Money for your Unwanted Items

Money for Unwanted Items

It doesn’t need to be Spring for you to deep clean and de-clutter. While it might sound like a chore, purging your space can be a great way to free up extra cash by selling unwanted items - and spruce up your home in the process.

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10 Bad Money Habits to Leave in 2016

bad money habits to leave in 2016

Keeping on top of your finances should be a year-round project, however there's nothing like the New Year to step back and reassess where you can make improvements, and leave those bad habits firmly in last year. Read our 10 bad money habits that you should leave in 2016.

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Setting Realistic Saving Goals for 2017

Setting Realistic Saving Goals

Whether you’ve got debt to clear, or are putting away for a rainy day, having saving goals are really important. We’d all like to put money aside from our paycheck every month, but sitting down and deciding what amount is realistic for you will make it far more likely to happen.

Here are a few tips to help make 2017 the year you smash your savings goals in a painless, faster, more effective, and more rewarding way.

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Money Tips: Saving Money on Christmas Dinner

If the thought of your festive grocery shopping bill is putting you off your mince pies, follow our top tips for saving money on your Christmas lunch.

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