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Short Term Loan News

Category: Money Tips

Money Tips: How to Save at Christmas

how to save at christmas

Christmas shows up at the same time every year, but most don’t give it much serious thought until December comes around. As such, we end up covering the cost of the festive period with December’s paycheque, starting off the New Year on a financial back foot.

Here are our top tips for making the festive season something to look forward to rather than to worry about.

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Manic Monday: What’s it All About?

Manic monday

This week sparks the final week that you can buy your Christmas prezzies online and still have them delivered in time before the big day. However, try not to panic, there are lots of options and ways around this to ensure that you avoid the last minute rush.

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Money Tips: Bringing Back Make do and Mend

Bringing Back Make do and Mend

It’s time to take inspiration from the Second World War, back when saving money and resources were a necessity. Clothing and fashion wasn’t a priority for many years, instead quality and sustainability were paramount in any piece of clothing. Here are a few tips to get you started.

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Money Tips: The Secrets of Gift Buying on a Budget

Gift Buying on a Budget

If you don’t know the tricks of the trade, gift buying can put your budget under serious strain, so explore our secrets for budget present-buying and you’ll never feel the gift-shopping anxiety ever again.

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Money Tips: How to Save Money on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

black friday

It’s pretty impossible to escape the hype around Black Friday and Cyber Monday these days. Read our tips on how to get the most out this bargain bonanza and save money on items on your shopping list or fantastic Christmas presents at slashed prices.

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