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Money Tips: Five of Our Favourite Tools For Keeping Track of Your Finances


In today’s fast-paced digital world, you don’t need to sit down with pen and paper and take hours over your financial planning. Instead, you can manage your money on the go, using one of the many apps and online tools designed to make budgeting more manageable.

Here are our five favorite high-tech money managers.

Money Dashboard

Money Dashboard is an intelligent online service that shows you your spending patterns and works out the best ways for you to budget. It’s full of clever graphs and charts that help you keep up with your financial goals and monitor how successfully you are achieving them. If you’re looking to get smarter with your cash, this is the site for you.


This nifty household budgeting app syncs between different devices, so you can plan your spending with your family members. The app divides your spending into categories, so you can see where your money’s going. Goodbudget does all the money-based thinking for you, so you don’t have to!


Although it’s the only app on our list that costs money (79p from the Apple Appstore), Unibudget could help students watch the pennies. It allows you to input your budget at the start of every term; for example, your student loan. It splits this up into a daily budget, and you can update it every time you spend money. It deducts your purchases from your total, so you’ll be able to see how well you’re sticking to the budget and where you might need to make savings. 


OnTrees, part of Money Supermarket, is a ‘read only’ tool that allows you to watch your spending without moving money in or out of your account. It allows you to make informed decisions about what to do with your money. The colorful, vibrant graphics make budgeting more fun.

Quick Scan – QR Code Scanner

This app (and other barcode scanning apps) could save you significant sums if you put it to good use. Wherever you’re shopping, you can scan items using the app and it will record all the product information. Quick Scan - QR Code Scanner will then allow you to find similar products online so you can find the best deal. The app also records the location you originally found the product, so you can go back there in the future if you want to. Smart! 

Don’t forget to utilise your bank’s banking apps so you can check your bank balance on the go. Checking your bank balance regularly keeps you in the know of what you’re spending and what financial responsibilities you have.

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