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Money Tips: How to Save on New Technology

Save on new technology

Everyone loves a new gadget, but without shopping around you could be paying over the odds. Luckily, with our handy guide, you could be saving tons on a new TV or slashing your broadband bills.

Search Around

It may sound obvious, but a quick search can save you hundreds on your new gadget. Before handing over your card details, enter the model number into any search engine and compare prices. Many online stores can undercut high street chains by quite a substantial amount, but be careful, if a price seems too good to be true, check out reviews of the store.

Pick up the Phone

Haggling is something many Brits aren't used to, but it's a powerful tool in your money saving arsenal. When it comes to renewing your mobile phone or broadband contract, instead of doing it online, speak to your supplier. You'd be surprised how easy it is to knock a few pounds off your bill, and it all adds up.

Check your Tariff

How often do you check how much of your mobile phone allowance you actually use? According to research, three quarters of mobile phone users are paying an average of £200 a year more than they need to. Our advice is to check the tariff you're on and see if there is a cheaper alternative.

Recycle your Old Device

If you're treating yourself to a new phone or laptop, don’t let the old one just sit there. There are a number of services that will pay good money for your old device, with some paying up to £125 for an old iPhone.

Latest Isn't Always Greatest

While we all love the idea of being on the cutting edge, there are big discounts to be had on last year's models. Retailers often discount old models around September and October when new models come to market in time for Christmas, so if it's a new camera or GPS you're after, now's the time.

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