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Money Tips: Take Advantage of Loyalty Cards

Save money with loyalty cards

Most of us are creatures of habit, and find ourselves going into the same shops on a regular basis. If you have ‘go-to’ stores for particular items, whether they be groceries, toiletries, or clothes, loyalty cards could really help you save money in the long term.

First things first, what is a loyalty card?

A loyalty card is given to the consumer by the retailer as an incentive. Every time the consumer makes a purchase in that particular retail outlet, they are awarded a number of points depending on how much they have spent. These points can then be used to get money off future purchases. It’s called a ‘loyalty’ card because the shop is effectively rewarding loyal customers who keep coming back and spending their hard-earned cash there.

If you use a particular shop more than others, it’s definitely worth checking if they have a loyalty scheme. Many shops and restaurants now have them, so you could be missing out on serious savings if you don’t!

We’ve put together a list of the top five loyalty cards, all of which could really make a difference to your Christmas spending:

Tesco Clubcard

The most popular loyalty card in the UK, the Clubcard scheme collects data about its customers so it can target discount coupons effectively. For example, if you’ve got a new baby and you regularly buy nappies, the Clubcard will store this information and is likely to offer you attractive discounts on useful baby items in the future.

Boots Advantage Card

For all things health and beauty, this points card is an absolute must. Boots is a great place to pick up quality Christmas gifts, so if you don’t already have an Advantage card, sign up for one ASAP.

Ikea Family

Ikea is most people’s first port of call for important homeware purchases. Their Family scheme will get you money off a huge variety of products; it could end up saving you hundreds of pounds. 

Nectar Card

This is a fantastic multi-purpose points card that can be used in a variety of big-name retailers, including Sainsbury’s, Next and Argos

Co-operative Loyalty Card

If you’re a regular Co-op shopper, you should certainly apply for a loyalty card to receive discounts and coupons. The Co-operative splits its profits between card-holders, and the more points you earn, the more you could get back.

But Beware

Be aware of store cards that come disguised as loyalty cards. Sometimes companies will try and tempt you into taking out a store card by throwing in a load of the benefits you'd normally expect from a more traditional loyalty scheme. If you're tempted to take advantage of a store card like this, be sure to investigate if you're going to benefit, and be sure to pay off the balance in full every month to avoid interest charges.

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