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MYJAR Explains: Short Term Loans

Short Term Loans Simplified

A short term loan, sometimes known as a cash advance, can be the ideal way to deal with life’s unexpected surprises. As long as you can meet the repayment deadline, this type of loan could be the right solution for you. MYJAR’s friendly staff and responsible lending policies take the stress out of the process, and allow you to ease your short-term money needs.

After you sign up for free and you’ve been approved, we’ll send you your unique PIN code which you can use to access a short-term loan 365 days a year. When you decide to take out a loan, send a text to 82777 and the gap between now and your next payday will be quickly eased.

Because MYJAR does not encourage financial dependence on instant cash loans, we promote absolute transparency around repayment deadlines and interest charges. It’s easy to understand, and our renowned friendly and helpful staff are always on hand to answer questions and allay any concerns you might have.

What You Need to Register

The process of applying for short term loans is as hassle-free as it possibly can be. It’s free to register, and you need to complete personal details as part of the on-line application form – the information that we need include your name, address and phone number, details of your bank account and income. There’s no pressure to take out a loan straight away if you’re not ready, or not confident you can repay on the pre-agreed date – your account will remain active for 3 months after you register even if you don’t take out a loan.

Need Help?

We're an award-winning direct lender, committed to providing clear, simple and responsible loans when our customers need us. If you need some assistance to meet an urgent financial requirement on either a short or long term basis, APPLY NOW for one of our loans.

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk