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Money Tips: How to Save Money on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

black friday

It’s pretty impossible to escape the hype around Black Friday and Cyber Monday these days. This year the event officially launches on the Friday November 25th, both online and in stores.

The invasion of this American shopping spree and discount weekend into the UK market is now fully-fledged. Now the biggest day in the online shopping calendar (according to Which the UK is expected to spend about £1 billion on Black Friday), Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the perfect opportunity to save money on fantastic Christmas presents at slashed prices.

So What Exactly Is It?

Black Friday is traditionally an in-store event, where stores open their doors, sometimes early, to a frenzy of rowdy customers waiting outside to take advantage of massively discounted stock as stores try to shift their wares in time for the holiday season. Nowadays, now that much of these crazy deals can also be found online, the mania around Black Friday seems to have died down a little. You can get your bargains without even leaving the house.

Sales on Cyber Monday are generally online-only (hence the name), and you’ll tend to find the best discounts from smaller-name retailers.

Notably during this weekend there are particularly impressive deals on tech like TVs, tablets, computers, laptops and gadgets, as well as fashion, homeware and white goods for the kitchen. so if you need to replace something or want to treat a loved one to a shiny new gadget this festive season, make sure you’ve got this weekend in your diary. 

Beware, though, not to be taken in by all the hysteria of the event, and be a savvy sales shopper over Black Friday and Cyber Monday with our tips for finding major savings.

Don’t Overspend 

There’s no point buying things you wouldn’t have bought anyway or don’t really need, or spending your Christmas bonus before you’ve even got it. The beauty is when you find something that you needed to buy anyway, but just for a really good deal. Set budgets, outline which items you are looking for and avoid picking things up just because there’s a massive reduction on the original retail price. If you’ve never wanted a spiraliser before today, it’s unlikely you’re going to need one now. Even with that 75% off.

Plan Ahead

Know what you want and where to get it. If you don’t manage to get your chosen item, don’t panic buy. Think before you spend £50 extra on something you didn’t even really want in the first place.

Stay at Home

Not in need of anything in particular? Avoid hitting the shops over this weekend to save yourself the stress of the crowds and the temptation to buy things you don’t need.

Even if you require some bits and bobs, you can still take advantage of the amazing savings from the comfort of your own home by avoiding the high-street entirely and finding some great deals online.

Some Must-visit Stores to Check Out

  • The App Stores - It may not be the first place that you’d think of looking for a bargain over this bonanza weekend, but if you’re an app fan you may be surprised by what you can get for cheaper on The Google Play Store or iTunes Store.
  • The Major Supermarkets - The likes of Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s usually really get on board with Black Friday both in-store and online. Visit their sites where they generally have a page dedicated to all their best bargains.
  • Amazon - The giant of the online shopping universe is, unsurprisingly, usually get in on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday action in a big way. For incredible savings on everything from books and DVDs to cameras and tablets, be sure to check their offers out.
  • Groupon - Looking to have a great experience for next to nothing? Groupon offers coupons and big savings on an amazing array of restaurant visits, beauty treatments, fitness classes and more.

Protect Yourself 

Mass cyber spending brings mass cybercrime. Ensure your details are protected, update your anti-virus and change your passwords. Our top tip - always look for the green padlock logo in your browser URL bar before entering any bank details online.

Check Delivery

It’s not a bargain if you’re paying over and above for postage. Check delivery costs when buying from independent sellers like eBay. Sites like vouchercodes.co.uk also have lots of promotional codes that often include free delivery. Don’t forget to check them out before your checkout!

Start Early

Don’t get busted trying to grab a deal in your lunch break when all the best items are already sold out. Wake up early and do your shopping before you get up – that way you’ll bag all the best deals before everyone else.

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk