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Money Tips: Have a Spooktacular Halloween on a Budget

Look in any supermarket in October and you’ll find an ever-increasing range of Halloween products on sale. While you’ll want to do justice to this fun festival of spooks and scares for you, your children, or perhaps both, there’s no need for your Halloween festivities to break the bank. There are plenty of cheap shortcuts to help you throw a fabulous scaretastic party and dress to impress in a garishly ghoulish costume. Follow our top Halloween tips and you’re guaranteed a truly terrifying time!

Make your own costume

There’s no need for a wallet-busting pre-Halloween shopping spree to stock up on costumes. Whether or not you’re a DIY superstar, it’s easy, fun and cheap to make your own Halloween outfit. Be creative and use whatever you can find in the house. Old costume jewellery, sheets, bright make-up and even food colouring can all come in extremely useful at this time of year. You don’t need to dress up as something specific; as long as you look suitably unusual, you’ve fulfilled the Halloween brief!

Re-use an Old Costume

If you’re not keen on the idea of spending time on a do-it-yourself Halloween, there’s no shame in re-wearing a costume from a previous year. Your friends and family will be too busy having a ghostly good time to notice that your outfit isn’t brand spanking new.

Wait Until the Last Minute to Buy Costumes

If your kids aren’t clamouring for a specific costume, wait till a few days before Halloween, when costume prices often drop. There might be slim pickings, but you can always make something work.

Create Your Very Own Haunted House

Setting the scene for an unforgettable Halloween party doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. To transform your house into an eerie haunted mansion, simply drape white sheets over the furniture and, if you don’t mind the prospect of the cleaning job afterwards, sprinkle flour over the surfaces. You’ll give the impression of a deserted, dusty room with who-knows-what ghouls and poltergeists ready to leap out at any moment!

Free Halloween Printable

Pinterest is a great source for free decorations. Just search “free Halloween printable” and you’ll find lots of printable ideas for invitations, decorations, treat bags and more. After you download, just print and you’re ready to go.

Hit Pound Stores for Bargains

If you’re looking for plastic spiders, fake cobwebs, trick or treat sweets and treat bags you can often find big savings at your local discount store or ‘pound shop’. If you expect a lot of trick-or-treaters knocking at your door, you can save money by buying big bags of sweets in these shops rather than the more expensive retail outlets.

Come up With DIY Halloween Games

What would a Halloween extravaganza be without some petrifying party games to get everyone in the mood? With a bit of imagination, you can make your own fear-inducing fun for little to no money. Dig out a big mixing bowl and fill it with lumpy custard, lychees, noodles and any other slimy, squelchy foods you can think of. Blindfold your party guests and get them to plunge their hands into the mix to guess what they’re feeling. Lots of Halloween fun!

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Disclaimer: The above are suggestions for responsible adults and activities that parents can organise with their children. The activities should always be supervised by a responsible adult/parent.

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