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Money Tips: Top Tips to Save Money on Food Shopping

Save money on shopping

Let’s face it, the weekly food shop doesn’t quite have the same novelty appeal as a shopping spree on the high street. In fact, it’s can just feel like a very expensive chore.

Read our secrets to help you save the pennies when grocery shopping, so that you can save your money for more exciting things.

Shop Around

Mysupermarket is a handy website that helps you search all of the shelves of all of the biggest supermarkets, right from your computer. The special deals, discounts, the ‘buy one get one frees’ and money off vouchers are all listed and you can plan what to spend and what to save.

Don’t Deviate from the List

Research has shown that going to the supermarket without a list will cost you at least 30% more. It can also result in more wasted food. Plan your shopping before you set out and avoid impulse buys by never make the schoolboy error of doing your food shopping when you’re hungry!

Meal Planning

Keeping in mind what you alredy have in your kitchen cupboards, particularly anything that needs to be used up soon, carefully plan your meals for the whole week, and make a concise shopping list of what you need. That way, when you get to the supermarket you’ll have a focused attitude and be less inclined to purchase whatever catches your eye on the day.

Buy Own-brand Products

This is a fail-safe way of saving money. Sticking to branded goods can add hundreds of precious pounds to your food bills every year. Own-brand items aren’t always a downgrade, either – the quality is often very comparable.

Be A Sensible Chef

Though this may seem self-explanatory, using up everything you already have in your kitchen can have a significant impact on your budget. It's estimated that the average family wastes up to £15 worth of edible food a week - simply by chucking it in the bin. That's an incredible £780 over the year! Keep in mind portion control when preparing meals and make use of the freezer if anything is approaching its use-by date.

Get Saving Savvy

Scan the reduced sections of the supermarkets for things that you can either use that day or freeze. This is an exceptionally effective way to save money on pricier foods like meat and fish, as well as toiletries and household goods. As long as you use them or freeze them before their use by dates, you’re not going to be compromising on quality.

Taking steps like these could save you a small fortune every week – you often read blogs of savvy shoppers who have cut their weekly shop spend in half simply by being a bit more conscious when you hit the supermarket.

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