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Money Tips: Our Favourite Travel Apps to Save Money

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Everyone loves a holiday, but it’s no secret that they’re not exactly cheap. Sometimes travelling abroad can feel like a luxury that’s a little out of reach, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Now, more than ever, there are plenty of ways to save money and make holidays a reality - and of course we’ve got apps to thank for that.

We scoured the web to find our top five favourite travel apps to help you save money so you’ll be jetting off in no time. You’ll be having a packing related breakdown before you know it, just don’t forget your passport!


Flight comparison sites like Skyscanner are only just beaten by newcomers Hopper. Whilst most sites and apps will compare flight prices for you, Hopper goes one step better and tells you when the best time to book is, making your cheap flight, well, even cheaper. It won a lot of awards in 2015 for being one of the best travel apps, and it comes at no real surprise when it provides such an easy, foolproof service. Just tap in your dates and the team at Hopper will advise you how to beat the system and get the cheapest possible flights.


There’s been somewhat of a renaissance when it comes to booking holiday accommodation, and AirBnB has had a lot to do with that. Sure, cheap hotel rooms are always welcome (more on that later…) but more and more people are turning to AirBnb for their travel experiences. From cheaper rental prices to feeling more like a local, the lure of AirBnb is endless, and their app is one of the most seamless booking sites out there. For the budget-savvy out there, it’s one of the easiest ways to make travel more affordable whilst you’re still in control of location and quality of rental. One of our favourite things to do? Create wishlists of lustworthy travel locations. It never gets old.


We’ve all been hit with roaming charges when using our mobile phones abroad, but searching for free WiFi can be a bit of a fruitless task. And whilst you can use some apps offline, more often than not you need a little bit of internet to help you out (or post smug photos to Instagram). Either way, WiFiMapper is a bit of a game changer; not only does it track down free WiFi spots, it uses crowdsourced data so you know just how reliable the service is, whether you’ll need to order a drink to use the service etc. A lifesaver, if you ask us.


Not only does Viator help you save money, it also helps you with other pesky tourist problems, like being able to skip huge queues at famous attractions – win, win! Offering vouchers for places to eat and drink as well, the map function is great as it allows you to see other deals nearby - great for exploring an area you might not be familiar with, and on a budget.

Post Office Travel Money Card Plus App

Keeping on top of finances whilst you’re on holiday can be the hardest part, but this helpful little app (and card) from the Post Office is here to make it as pain free as possible. The card itself can be preloaded - and topped up - with whatever currency you need, whilst the app offers a numbers of services such as finding your nearest ATM, a currency calculator, and keeping on top of transactions. It’s a safe and secure system for your money abroad and takes the sting out of any charges your bank may hit you with for using your debit or credit card overseas.

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