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Money Tips: 7 Upcycling Ideas To Save Money on Homeware

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As the annual spring clean approaches, it’s out with the old and in with the new. But the new is often expensive. So if you’re living on a budget and want to refresh your home, this spring think in with the repurposed! Try these seven brilliantly simple upcycling ideas to help you keep hold of the pounds.

DIY Tray

Using the lid of a discarded leather suitcase which has probably been gathering dust in the cupboard under the stairs, you can craft a stylish and functional tray in just ten minutes! To create, add the handles of your choice to the sides of the suitcase lid - you'll need a drill and some short screws for this. Next, line the inside of the suitcase with a medley of delicate wallpaper prints. Complete with a layer of craft gloss to make waterproof the tray and, when dry, it's ready to embellish your breakfast in bed!

Bread Bin Shelves

From pots and pans to herbs and spices, storage space can be limited in the kitchen. To enhance your storage options, make use of old bread bins by turning them into makeshift hollow shelves. Attach to a corner wall using sturdy screws, ensuring that these are carefully concealed on the inside. Decorate as desired and store away! Not only can you store food produce and crockery on top of these, but there is additional storage inside the bread bins.

Tin Can Lanterns

From beans to soup, most households stock up on tin cans with every food shop. But once these are empty, don't just throw them into the recycling!  Instead, wash them out (being very careful of sharp edges!) and use them to devise rustic lanterns. After removing the labels, draw a spotted design onto the can using a permanent marker. Leave the tin to harden in the freezer for thirty minutes (to prevent bending), then use a hammer and nail to gently tap out the design. Complete by colouring the lantern with spray paint. Add tea lights and place around the house or garden!

Book Ornaments

If your bookcase is full of dusty old novels which haven't had a page turned in years, ridding your house of these musky books may be appealing as you spring clean. But rather than throwing them out or dumping them in the charity bag, find your favorite pages and use these to create truly unique ornaments to spruce up your home. Using a thin chunk of wood for the base (available from craft stores), cut out the words of some iconic quotes and stick them to the wood. Drill a small hole and attach some chunky string to hang the ornaments, and then dot them around the house on door handles and hooks.

Glass Bottle Soap Dispenser

Whether you enjoy a refreshing gin and tonic or a whisky on the rocks, don't recycle the ornate glass bottle once you've guzzled the alcohol! After washing it out thoroughly, fill the bottle up with some cheap hand soap. Using the pump that you've saved from that posh soap given to you as a gift way back when, trim the plastic tube to the length of the bottle. Attach the pump to the bottle, and give your new DIY soap dispenser pride of place in the bathroom!

Puzzle Decorations

If you've got stacks of puzzles cluttering up the storage space under your children's bed, repurpose these as decorative designs for your house. With the help of your little ones, decide on which shapes to create with the puzzle pieces. Whether hearts or stars, once you've got the pieces in place (it might help to draw a template to work with), start gluing the pieces together one by one. Finally, paint the puzzle decorations with the colours of your choice and hang on walls around the house! 

Drawer Planters

Rather than chucking your old, unwanted chest of drawers onto the skip, repurpose it as an innovative garden planter. Take the drawers out and add a thick layer of compost into these. Plant some bulbs, water well, and stack then drawers carefully in a criss-cross pattern. Be sure not to cover the buried bulbs with the drawers above - they need the sunlight light to grow! As spring sets in, sit back and watch your flowers bloom into life.

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