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Short Term Loan News

Money tips and MYJAR news

Spring Clean and Turn the Clutter into Cash

You don’t need to wait for Spring before launching yourself into some serious home decluttering, but every year the changing season inspires thousands to kick start a more minimalistic approach to their belongings.

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Church of England to Provide Microfinancing

Over the weekend, Sir Hector Sants, the former chief executive of the Financial Services Authority, announced that the Church of England will launch a network of credit unions and microfinancing operations for its employees.

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The MYJAR TV Advert

The MYJAR TV advert is here! Let us give you a tour of the MYJAR home, a place where all those little jars are there to lend a helping hand.


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INFOGRAPHIC: Making Your Money Last Longer

Here at MYJAR we strive to help you manage your finances. We've put together these handy tips that will save you lots of pounds in the future.



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MYJAR Debt Advice

Most of MYJAR’s customers repay their loans on time, without any difficulties.

However, we recognise that, for a variety of reasons, some of our customers occasionally have difficulty repaying their loans.

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Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk