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Money tips and MYJAR news

Debt Help: Something for Nothing? Is it Too Good to be True?

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You left it a bit late to pick up your child’s birthday present, so you’re skipping through an online retailer at last minute. You’re keen to have it delivered the next day, and can’t help but notice the HUGE banner advertising ‘free next-day-delivery’ postage. You eagerly click, only to be shocked with an equally huge bill once your ‘1 month free trial’ (which was only mentioned in the small print!) has run out.

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Complaints publication report

Under the Financial Conduct Authority rules, we are required to publish the number of complaints that we have received from customers, how many we have closed within the required 8-week timescales and how many complaints we have found in favour of our customers.

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5 Simple Ideas For Saving Money On Your Car

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Owning a car can make lots of things in your daily life easier: the school run, food shopping, and taking the family out for the day in the holidays. The downside is that it can be an expensive business. With fuel petrol, insurance and maintenance costs to think about, you’ve got to be a savvy saver to know where to look for the best discounts on everything road-related. 

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Keeping Fit and Healthy on a Budget


If the words ‘fit’ and ‘healthy’ conjure up images of a shiny gym with a hefty monthly membership fee and expensive organic food, think again. Looking after your body doesn’t need to come with a large price tag. 

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Money Tips: Festivals on a Shoestring Budget


If you’re itching to hit up the final festivals of the summer, but you also need to watch your wallet, pay attention! We have some great festival hacks to help you enjoy all the best beats this summer without compromising your budget. 

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