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Money tips and MYJAR news

Money Tips: 6 Ways to Save Money at Easter

Easter Bunnies On A Budget

Whether you’re spending the Easter weekend with your own children or looking after the grandkids, explore our seven fun-filled ideas for keeping little Easter bunnies entertained without breaking the bank.

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Money Tips: 6 Simple Steps To Help Budget For A New Baby

Baby and dad

From prams and cots to countless dummies, the costs of having a baby can add up fast. But don't worry: it’s time to create a new baby budget. Simply rethink your finances with our expert tips, and your little one won’t break the bank!

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Money Tips: 8 Budget Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mothers day image

Mother’s Day is the ideal time to help children appreciate all of mums efforts and what’s more, it doesn't have to involve spending money on expensive gifts. 

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MYJAR receives FCA authorisation

MYJAR is delighted to announce that we have received full authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), reinforcing our credentials as a leading company within the sector.

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Money Tips: 10 Ways to Treat Your Valentine on a Budget

They say that love is blind - but it’s certainly not cheap. Valentine’s Day is one of the most commercially profitable days of the year. From pricey restaurant meals to luxurious spa retreats, showing your loved one that they mean the world to you can be costly.

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