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What our customers say

People use our service for lots of different reasons and we ask them to give us their honest feedback. See for yourself what they have to say. We read all the messages we get and use them to make our service better.

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Simple & Friendly

Easy to use system, helpful reminders come time for repayment.

Christopher from Greater London

Your customer service is outstanding and the ease of use on your website either via laptop or smartphone is excellent!

Alan from Greater London

Very quick and very efficient and you do not charge for same day transfers.

Sarah from North Yorkshire

Entire loan process was simple and dealt with on line with no body ringing and pushing you into a decision.  Thank you.

Donna from Cheshire


Understanding, obvious first payment only £100 to ensure my responsibility. Brilliant website will be highly recommended.

Omar from Greater Manchester

Your charges are very low compared to others and it just so easy to apply. You make your terms and conditions very clear, easy to use website. Very impressed!

Liz from East Sussex

You do what you say. The loan amount is never too high, the payment terms are very competitive and the system works very well.

Glenn from Surrey

Everything was so straight forward and easy to understand with no hidden and unexpected fees. Thank you.

Tracey from Dorset

There when you need it

Always there when needed, quick and easy to apply. Thank you.

Sandra from Kent

No fuss or mistakes, just quick and easy at times of need.

Jane from Cheshire

Has helped me out when I needed it. I like the fact that it's what you see is what you get.

Mark from East Sussex

You offer an uncomplicated loan service for emergency cash.

Angela from West Sussex

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk